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Digital Marketing And Business Consultant In Dubai​

Digital marketing consultant in Dubai

Engineer Mohsen Khosrovian

Master of Computer Science

More than 10 years of professional experience

Digital marketing consulting in Dubai, search engine optimization (SEO), social network marketing, email marketing, content marketing and blogging, online internet marketing, SEO, SEO and branding, Internet and online marketing consultant and the trend of digitization of businesses is accelerating day by day. takes

Every company has reasons to use digital marketing according to its conditions and situation. But what is clear is that all of them are looking to attract more audiences and are interested in using digital marketing strategies for this. Because in today’s world, the Internet and everything that takes place in it, including Internet and digital marketing, have relative superiority over traditional methods.

An internet marketing consultant can provide you with many services to achieve much higher productivity than traditional methods in the shortest time.

Website design

In today’s world, having a website alone is not enough; Rather, it is a suitable site that will lead you to the goals you are pursuing. A good and modern site should be appropriate in terms of SEO, graphics, user experience, simplicity, information architecture, conversion rate, scalability, security, speed, etc.

Creating content by providing valuable content encourages the audience to view different pages of a site and spend more time on the website. The longer the audience stays on your website and the more pages they visit, the higher the ranking of the site. Another advantage is creating valuable content, increasing brand credibility and presenting a better image of your services and products on the web.


No matter how professionally designed your site is, if keywords are not used effectively and it is not at the top of Google search results, it will not affect the progress of your business. For this reason, it is better to increase the rank of your site in Google at the same time with SEO

Video marketing

To implement video marketing, the first step is to learn how to make videos or use advertising video production companies.
The second step is to use video sharing services such as Aparat and YouTube and publish the produced videos in a targeted manner.


Website design in Dubai

A dedicated website shows your dignity and business image and will have a direct impact on your income generation.

Without having a dedicated website to offer goods and services in the web world, you will lose a large part of potential customers.

Digital Marketing Group in Dubai

We are capable of doing small things on our own But together we can do many things.

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SEO in Dubai

We help business owners get more sales and be seen online.

Working in Dubai is as exciting and full of opportunities as it is risky. Bringing a site to the first rank of Google in a city with this level of competition, in addition to the experience and group effort of an SEO specialist team, also requires a set of facilities and talents. Khosrovian’s digital marketing team is by your side with all its experience, facilities and talents to strengthen your foothold in the digital world by achieving good Google results, including Google’s first rank.

  • Keyword analysis
  • Check the current status of the site
  • Analysis of site competitors
  • Off-Page SEO of the site
  • On-Page SEO of the site
  • Continuous site monitoring
Keyword analysis

Keyword analysis is done by carefully checking the words and phrases that the customer wants to be ranked in. Checking the difficulty level of the words, the current position of the website, the current position of the words, determining the strategy and announcing the duration of the optimization of the site is done in the word analysis section.

Check the current status of the site

Checking the current status of the site based on meta tags, domain authority, page authority, Alexa rank, text-to-code ratio, internal and external link status, keyword rank, site loading speed, site loading speed, etc. are in this category. .

Analysis of site competitors

Analyzing the site's competitors and analyzing their strengths and weaknesses can be a good opportunity for you to formulate and implement the necessary strategies, businesses should pay special attention to this stage to improve the site's status.

On-Page SEO

Before starting internal SEO, the structure of the site and all parts of the website should be examined, the internal SEO of the website makes Google robots have a better understanding of your site and makes it easier to access different pages.

Off-Page SEO

All the actions that are carried out in external sources to optimize the website are called external SEO. At this stage, keywords related to the topic of your site are placed on similar sites or social networks according to a suitable strategy.

Continuous site monitoring

After promoting the SEO of the website, it is time to evaluate the website. This evaluation is done on a monthly basis in order to check the progress of the website's SEO. Regular evaluation of the website is one of the most important steps to have a successful SEO.

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